Community Partners,

Please join us for our May 2, 2018 #WearBlue4MMH campaign in recognition of World Maternal Mental Health (MMH) Awareness Day!


DOWNLOAD the printable graphic from the link above to use when taking your picture wearing (light) blue.  Feel free to print multiples if you’re doing a group picture.  The graphic looks best printed in portrait orientation.

Fill in the “because” with why you’ve chosen to bring awareness for Maternal Mental Health.

On Wednesday, 5/2/18 do this:

(1)    Wear your blue

(2)    Take a picture with you holding your printed sign

(3)    Post on your social media page with hashtag #WearBlue4MMH


Here are some suggestions on what to write for your “because” (or create your own!):

I am a survivor.

I know a survivor.

1 in 5 women will experience an illness.

I lost someone to Postpartum Depression.

Mom’s Mental Health Matters!

I want to raise awareness.

(name of organization/office) cares!

Mental illness is the #1 complication of pregnancy and postpartum.

We need to TALK about it.

You’re not alone.

Infant mental health depends on it.

It’s the foundation of a healthy family.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to turning social media BLUE in honor of World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day May 2, 2018 with your help!