Thank you for being interested in helping families in Alachua County, FL.  The following links provide information about Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders for health care and related professionals.  If you are interested in receiving further information and training, please email us at
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A summary for pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders.  

(Shared with permission from the MCPAP for Moms program of Massachusetts.)

We know you want to provide the best care for your patient/ your patient's parent; here we have given some suggestions for signs/symptoms and WHAT TO SAY.

The EPDS is a validated screening tool for postpartum depression symptoms.  Those utilizing this scale must also understand how to score and interpret results as well as the next steps in offering support.

We caution: Screening ALONE does not change incidence of postpartum depression.  This MUST be coupled with follow-up and care/treatment by a provider with additional training/experience working with those who are experiencing perinatal mental illnesses.

Please CONTACT US for further training on how to use this tool effectively for the best interest of your patient/client.

Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale- Spanish version

The pediatric setting is uniquely positioned to screen for perinatal mental illnesses.  The AAP has recommendations regarding screening parents at well child visits during the child's first year.  Find the AAP Clinical Report and Recommendations here.

CONTACT us for further information.

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