"Improve awareness of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD) in our community.  Expand resources, education and support systems for those at risk for PMAD .  Provide professional development resources to increase provider screening and appropriate referral."
We are a community committed to shining light on the importance of the mental health of families from every point of the reproductive process and beyond.


We are a group of community stakeholders who are passionate about being CHAMPIONS for the mental health of families.

Our first meeting took place in July, 2015 as an action plan from a community screening of film documentary, Dark Side of The Full Moon at the Hippodrome Theater hosted by Lauren DePaola, LCSW.  Since then, we have met monthly with goals in mind to raise awareness, increase educational opportunities and resources for the professional community and parents during what is known as the perinatal (surrounding pregnancy and after delivery) period.

What does the ACPMHC do?

A.B.C. All Bottoms Covered Diaper Bank initiative

1 in 3 families will struggle and choose which basic needs to provide for their baby.  Approximately 30% of Alachua County families with children of diapering age live at or below the Federal Poverty Line.  The inability to provide basic needs for baby, particularly diapering needs, has shown correlation with 3-fold increase in postpartum depression and related illnesses- not to mention health risks for babies.  

The ACPMHC seeks to address this diaper need while at the same time building awareness of perinatal mental illness and resources available with the ultimate goal of having "All Bottoms Covered" and reducing mental health stigma for parents.

Support for Parents

The ACPMHC will offer peer support groups throughout the County based upon a model proven to make lasting, positive impact on parents in their individual and unique journeys. 

Trainings will soon be offered for those interested in becoming a peer support group facilitator.

Check back with us soon.  Contact us if you would like to be contacted for facilitator training.

Training for Providers

Ongoing training opportunities will be offered to those who serve perinatal women/men/families in Alachua County.

Those who receive additional training and join as a member (individual or corporate) will be listed as a "preferred" provider on our "get help" page.

More details to come soon...

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